Less than a week…

Before school starts here!

I’ve been counting the days for nearly the whole summer (because I’m THAT anxious to be rid of my children, lol. Joke. Kidding… well, sort of!).

But now that the first day of school is nearly upon us, I’ve got this ACK!, tightened chest, panicky thing going on… because we have a lot to do to prepare!

Laundry needs done; kids’ clothes need organized (they actually have to WEAR clothes every day now… no more Captain Underpants and his Half-Naked Sidekick); we still need to buy school supplies (ummm, after we FIND the first-grade school supply LIST that was sent home last year… they really expect me to KNOW where it is 3 months later??); we need to stop by Damon’s school and check out the class lists that were supposedly posted at some point this summer, so that he has somewhat of a clue where to go on the first day (no orientation for the big first graders, which makes me sad); I need to make sure there are halfway healthy foods in the house to pack for lunches (my least favorite part of the kids being in school); and I still need to enroll Avery in HER new program (hopefully she’ll be going to a rockin’ daycare/preschool/gym-kinda place two days a week).

So, see, I have lots to do. And doesn’t it just figure that I’ve been chained to the computer working for the past several days? Hopefully I’ll get this pesky work out of the way today or tomorrow, and THEN I can focus on being a mom and preparing my children for school (and doing that party dance because I’ll have two full days at home with NO kids!!).

Who am I kidding? I’m sure I’ll be a blubbering mess Tuesday morning. Yes, this is Damon’s third year going off to school, but FIRST GRADE! That sounds so much older than Kindergarten.

And, Avery. Well, I don’t even wanna think about how I’m going to feel the first day I leave HER. Luckily, Avery will be strong enough for both of us… the child was BORN ready to go to school and leave her boring old mom behind in the dust! She is extremely excited about going to school, “just like Bubba.”

So, 6 more days… lots to do… aaaaahhhhhhh!

ETA: Damon got a letter in the mail TODAY from his first-grade teacher, Miss Mears. We WILL be meeting her tomorrow at the Open House… TOMORROW. Just got the letter TODAY. Ay yi yi. At least I’m not the only one who procrastinates, eh? Add Open House at Damon’s school tomorrow afternoon to my list o’ things to do. Where’s the Xanax??

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