Ready, Set, GO!!

Yesterday was a gorgeous day! We got a little reprieve from the unbearable August heat (it’s back today, of course), and the kids enjoyed some outside fun, for a change.

Here are Damon and Avery “racing.” Judging from the last picture, Avery thinks she won. She didn’t, but you’ve gotta love her enthusiasm and pride! 🙂

(And please don’t ask about Avery’s outfit because I really don’t understand it myself. She had her cute little dress on, and looked adorable… then decided those jammie pants were necessary, too. She’s very “unique,” my Avery.)

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One Response to Ready, Set, GO!!

  1. Kelly says:

    Don’t worry Bridget chooses her own outfits and wears them out in public and it usually involves hot pink cowboy boots. I seriously didn’t even notice Avery’s. They look so happy playing together!! She looks so much older all of a sudden.

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