I officially hate summer

Actually, I don’t remember ever claiming to LIKE summer… it’s probably my least favorite of the four seasons, for multiple reasons.

But, today, I officially hate summer because it’s just plain damn HOT and miserable (and our local extended forecast promises NO relief over the next 7 days, ugh).

The kids and I have been holed up in the house with the a/c all week. I’ve thought a few different times about taking them somewhere, to do something fun, ya know? But, forget it. They don’t even WANT to go out in the heat, and I don’t blame them.

And, I think the heat is making my grumpy husband even grumpier (see, they say you marry men like your father, and in that respect, mission accomplished. I am married to a grumpy, grumpy man… just like Grumpy Grampy. Go figure!).

Poor Nick comes home for lunch every day… and he’s huffing and puffing and sweating and whining about how HOT he is. I sympathize… I really do. No way would you find me working outside in this weather. No freakin’ way. But, then I remember that Nick chose this job, over a nice air-conditioned desk job… and that’s where my sympathy ends.

Anyway, it’s HOT. Too hot. And it’s making us stir crazy and grumpy around here. And I know you were all dying to know that.

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