This fish needs a bigger tank

Damon spent 3 entire days this week nagging me to clean and fill up the little pool outside.

I finally gave in and spent 45 minutes out in the heat of the day with a sponge and a bottle of Lysol cleaner (the pool was REALLY nasty).

And, after 10 minutes of splashing in the pool, Damon decided he’d had enough. He came inside, took off his suit, and never returned outside to the pool for the rest of the day (grrrrrrrrr).

I learned a few things from this experience: 1) I really should empty the pool and put it up when the kids aren’t using it, so that it doesn’t get funky, dirty, nasty, requiring 45 minutes of scrubbing the next time; 2) I shouldn’t waste my time scrubbing it (because we all know I won’t follow through with no. 1) because my children are fickle and won’t spend enough time playing in the pool to justify the thorough cleaning; and 3) Damon is WAY too big for the kiddie pool/slide. We just might have to upgrade to something more “his size” next summer (see the following video for proof).

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4 Responses to This fish needs a bigger tank

  1. Grampy says:

    Nice video of das demon. . . and, yeah, he looks more like Gulliver that Damon. . . and, what’s that little hand-splashing move at the end of the short slide. . . I thought, for a minute, that when he climbed back up the slide that it was going to topple. . . stay cool.

  2. Trish says:

    How cute is he!! Love it. I love the little motion to get his little tooshie down the slide. LOL.

  3. elise says:

    cute video…rofl! whats with punching the water? that was hilarious!

  4. Linda says:

    How cute!!!!!

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