The Land of Tummy Troubles

That’s what our house has been for the past week or so.

Damon was the first to fall “ill,” so I’m blaming him for infecting the rest of us. Although, he had this stomach bug while we were camping last weekend, and it certainly didn’t slow him down one bit. Nick and I even wondered if he wasn’t “faking it,” because he’d run to the bathroom 100 times a day, but then act fine in between dashes to the potty (very suspicious behavior, lol).

A few days later, though, we both unfortunately understood what ailed him (I’m sure this is payback for doubting the poor soul!).

Nick and I have been “sick” for several days now… and although I don’t feel bad other than my gurgling stomach and the 1000 trips to the potty, I am feeling weak and dehydrated after 4 days of this!

And, for the past 4 days, I’ve just been grateful that Avery seems healthy…. so much for that. Today it hit HER, too. God willing, the dogs won’t be next (ewwwwww!).

(I know everyone loves pics, but you should thank me for not including visuals to accompany this post! Although, I did edit my post from last Tuesday to include a cutie patootie pic of Baby Addie… see below!) Now I’m off to feel sorry for myself for yet another day.

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