Another "milestone" for my baby boy

Tonight, Damon lost his first tooth!!!

I’m a little surprised because we just noticed that it was loose two days ago… so I figured it would “hang on” a little longer than it did! But, it’s really been driving the poor child crazy (and interfering with his hot dog chewing in a big way!).

So, this evening, he kept wiggling it with his tongue, and told Nick that he wanted it OUT. Nick sat down and had a long talk with Damon… about his “options.” lol And Daddy offered to help him pull the tooth… to which Damon grimaced and wisely declined (forget what I said yesterday about him not being brilliant… I’ve changed my mind!).

However, a few minutes later, Damon yanked the bothersome loose tooth on his own! He was sooooooo proud of himself and said it didn’t hurt at all. I ran for my camera, of course, while Daddy showed Damon how to gargle some healing salt water… and then I shed a few tears.

Even Nick (who usually rolls his eyes when I make sappy comments about how big the kids are getting) said, “Well, Mommy, your baby is really growing up now!” See… that’s what I’ve been trying to tell him!!!!

Here are some pics of Damon’s new, slightly altered smile. The first one was taken moments after he pulled the tooth (see how proud he is of himself??)… and the second was taken when we tucked him into bed (the tooth is, in fact, safely tucked under his Spiderman pillow… no worries!).

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5 Responses to Another "milestone" for my baby boy

  1. Anonymous says:

    Even toothless, he’s still beautiful!

    Give him hugs for J. & Grandma C.

  2. Trish says:

    Wahhhhh! He is growing up. I love the toothless grin! WTG Damon!

  3. alli_scraps says:

    so cute!!!!!! what a sweet smile!

  4. Kelly says:

    I love the “talking about his options” LOL He looks so happy!!

    How funny the day he loses his first, Josie gets her first!

  5. Linda says:

    Awwww…. how sweet! Congrats to your little boy!!

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