Damon has GREAT ideas…

I had planned to post some cute pics of my kids enjoying their day at the pool yesterday… but then THIS story presented itself, and I just couldn’t resist (so look for those pool pics tomorrow!).

This morning, my children were at the breakfast table, happily devouring their scrapple sandwiches… when Damon spied a bag of golf tees sitting on the table. So, he ripped the bag open and started setting up tees all over the table in front of him in some sort of pattern (sharp side up… see where this is going yet?). Avery was assisting by handing him the tees, one by one. It was a happy scene. I was at the stove, frying more scrapple (because my kids can’t get enough of the stuff!).

Next thing I know, Damon says, “Avery, watch this!” Nothing good EVER comes after Damon utters those words… So, I turn around from the stove just in time to see him SLAM his hand down on top of the tees, pointy side up. I’m not sure what he was trying to accomplish, but what he DID accomplish was putting a nice hole in the palm of his hand.

Damon starts squealing in pain, blood running down his arm, and looking to ME for some sort of explanation. As if I somehow willed his hand on top of the pointy golf tees. Yeah, that sounds like a devilish plot that I would come up with while I’m innocently frying scrapple for him to consume, right?

So, I instantly transform from Master Chef to ER Nurse as Damon is wailing that he needs a BAND-AID!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I will never understand what drives the child to do such things… nor will I understand why I am instantly to blame when he injures himself doing such things. I suppose this will always be one of those mysteries of Motherhood.

Now, hours later, Damon has pretty much recovered. He spent an hour or two being mellow on the couch, watching cartoons… and he’s still sporting a Band-Aid on his hand. Avery is now screaming for “more scrapple!!!” And I’m wondering if Damon’s promotion to the first grade was REALLY a good idea…

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5 Responses to Damon has GREAT ideas…

  1. Trish says:

    OMG I can just see the whole thing in action while I was reading it. Those 2 are so comical. Although I am sure it wasnt so funny watching it all go down.

    Poor Damon.

  2. Linda says:

    Poor baby!!! I hope he is gonna be ok!!!

  3. Linda says:

    Poor baby!!! I hope he is gonna be ok!!!

  4. Smellie says:

    He is a man, small, but still a man. Has anyone figured out why any of them do what they do?

  5. alli_scraps says:

    oh my!!!!! hope that isn’t a picture of what you are in store for this summer!!!!!! LOL!!!!

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