We are a part of "Junior Nation"

And only if you’re a Nascar fan will that make ANY sense at all… and if you’re not, then you’ll probably want to ignore this post altogether because it won’t interest you in the slightest, lol.

Last Sunday, Nascar’s Nextel Cup was scheduled to race in Dover. And my friend Angie was lucky enough to have tickets AND awesome pit passes (because her poor overworked and underappreciated husband has work connections with one of the driver’s sponsors). Lucky to have these fabulous tickets, but not so lucky where Mother Nature was concerned… the race was rescheduled for the following day due to rain (the remnants of a pesky Tropical Storm making its way up the coast). Angie’s poor overworked husband had to… you guessed it… WORK on Monday, so they weren’t able to go to the rescheduled race.

My husband heard of this and his ears perked up… and then he almost hyperventilated when he realized that her tickets might be available for Monday’s race (seriously, I think he stopped breathing at one point when he was begging me to call Angie and ask about her plans for said tickets). Angie rocks and didn’t want to see her awesome tickets go to waste, so she handed them over with a slight sniffle when Nick landed on her doorstep Monday morning.
Of course, my husband SHOULD have been at work Monday, too, but lucky for him, he works for rednecks like himself who fully appreciate what free tickets to a Nextel Cup race are worth… and they were happy to give him the day off. (Sure, he doesn’t have a rockin’ salary or a 401K or a little thing called health insurance… but, by God, he got the day off to go see Junior drive around in circles!)

So, Nick and I attended our first-ever Nextel Cup race… a dream come true for my redneck husband.

Now comes the part where I prove to you that we ARE in fact a part of Junior Nation… I took around 200 pictures at the race… and 90% of them are of the red #8 Budweiser car, piloted by none other than Dale Earnhardt, Jr. We were a little disappointed that by the time we got to our seats, dear Junior was a lap down (especially since he’d been in 2nd place when we left our car in the parking lot 10 miles away from the Speedway). But, just being there is an awesome experience… and from my photos, you can’t tell that it wasn’t his best day. It’s still fun to sit amid the “sea of red” in the stands and know that you’re a part of Junior Nation for a day.

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