I thought we were feeling better…

But, I think I jumped the gun with that wishful thinking.

Poor Damon has had a rough night… OTC meds weren’t cutting it, and he woke up crying just a couple of hours after he went to bed tonight. His throat hurts and his ear hurts. So, I put on my “Mommy” hat and made Nick take him to the Emergency Room tonight (lucky Daddy… it was his turn, since I made the last ER run. tee hee!).

Damon cried and whined because he didn’t want to go to the hospital… and oddly enough, Avery cried and whined because she WANTED to go “see the doctor.” The child is strange, I tell you. She screamed and threw fits and tried to gag herself, trying to convince me that SHE was sick and that SHE needed to go see the doctor to get medicine.

I’ve decided she’s going to be an actress someday… because she ALMOST had me convinced at one point. After 20 minutes of her carrying on, I asked her if I could take a video of her because her drama was really entertaining… she pouted and said, “No!” Then, two seconds later, her face brightened and she said, “but, Mommy, you can take a video of me DANCING!” And she hopped off the couch, all smiles… miraculously healed!!

I don’t know what I’m going to do with that one… she’s something else.

Hopefully her brother will be feeling better soon. There’s nothing worse than sick babies!!

ETA: The ER doctor says that Damon has a bad cold. I’m not sure I’m convinced… but they couldn’t find any infection. He’s home from school today, taking lots of Motrin and drinking lots of OJ.

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One Response to I thought we were feeling better…

  1. Kelly says:

    Avery and Bridget are WAY to much alike. I love the gagging for medicine. HAHAHA

    Poor Damon. Hope he feels better!

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