My Mom, by Damon (age 6)

Damon made me a little Mother’s Day gift at school and brought it home for me last week.

At the top is a smashing picture that he drew of me (apparently Damon thinks I have a REALLY long neck… I look much like a giraffe!). What amused me the most was that, although the picture doesn’t resemble me (much less a human) very much, he drew me wearing a pink and orange-striped shirt… normally I would think it odd that he chose those colors, but I DO just happen to have a pink and orange-striped shirt that I wear quite frequently… so that made me smile.

Anyway, at the bottom of the beautiful portrait is a little paragraph about me. No doubt his teacher asked him a few choice questions and he then filled in the blanks (think Mad Libs, lol). This is what Damon had to say about his giraffe-like mom:

My mom’s name is Erin. Her favorite food is Hamburger Helper and her favorite color is purple. In her free time, Mom likes to go to the grocery store. Her favorite vacation spot is a hotel. Her favorite holiday is Christmas. She likes Christmas best because she gets to open presents. Mom likes it when I go in the pool, but her favorite thing about being a mom is watching me jump in the pool!

Just for the record, I HATE Hamburger Helper and I do NOT enjoy grocery shopping. Funny how a child’s mind works, eh?? But, my name IS Erin, and I DO, in fact, like the color purple, so I will give Damon credit for knowing that much about his dear old Mom. *grin*

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2 Responses to My Mom, by Damon (age 6)

  1. Diane "I love exclamation points"!!!!! says:

    Too funny!
    I love those pictures!
    And I was wondering where you were – I thought maybe your new schedule was working a little too well!

  2. Grampy says:

    I saw the drawing of Mom — and thought it looked just like her!

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