Muffins with Mom

Avery and I just got home from a fun-filled morning at Damon’s school. Today was their 3rd annual “Muffins with Mom” Day. We took Damon to school at 8:30 (way too early for me to be up and functioning, by the way!) and had muffins for breakfast in the school cafeteria. Then, we spent an hour in his classroom, watching Mrs. Davis’s Kindergarten class start their school day.

It’s always funny for me to see how Damon acts at school around his friends and under the direction of his teacher.

One of his school’s little “philosophies” that they preach/teach the kids is to “Show Respect.” Respect toward their classmates, teachers, school property, etc. It’s a nifty little phrase, and I only wish I could make it work here at home! I keep telling Damon that he needs to “respect” his parents the same way he respects his teachers at school (where he’s an angel), but I don’t think he believes me…

I’ve spent a few mornings in Damon’s classroom this year… and every time I leave there, I think, “Mrs. Davis is a saint, for sure.” And I’m always reminded why she is a teacher and I’m not, lol. Twenty-one 6 year olds in one room… “respecting” one another and their teacher. That’s a small miracle. I don’t think I’d last one full day, let alone 180 of them per year! Mrs. Davis is my hero.

And poor Avery. She cried when we had to leave. She is sooooooooo ready to be a big kid at school. She’s been ready since Damon’s first day of school, I think. But, alas, she still has a long wait. Being a December baby is no fun… she’ll have to wait a full year from this September before she can start half-day pre-K at Damon’s school.

For now, she’ll just have to settle with spending her days with Mommy (and Miss Trish!). This morning was a reminder for me to enjoy my days with her now… before I know it she’ll be getting on the bus with her brother every morning, and I’ll be crying because my babies are so grown up.

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