Greetings from The Poconos!!

I’m having a fabulous time!

The resort is gorgeous…

Our “suite” is totally rockin’ (we have two bedrooms, two baths, living room, dining “area,” and a full kitchen!)…

The ballroom that we’re set up in for the crop is HUGE; there are 210 scrappers here this weekend (ummm, WOW!)…

We’re eating yummy food (they gave us this “Monopoly”-type money to spend at the restaurants here, because meals were included with the price we paid for the weekend; but all of this fake money is ONES… so imagine us paying our $120 dinner bill tonight with $1 bills only, lol. It was pretty comical!)…

This evening, I relaxed in the most awesome hot tub EVER. ahhhhhhhhhhh…

I’m getting lots of scrapping done… for the first time in ages! And I’m really enjoying it again. I even took a trip to the nearest Walmart this afternoon so that I could get some newer pictures printed out (of course, I have about 10,000 “older” pics that I NEED to scrap, but never mind that!)…

Best of all… IT’S SNOWING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

We got a little dusting last night, then it cleared up today. Later this afternoon, the snow started up again, and it hasn’t let up much all night! One of the crazy scrappers went out a little bit ago (at like 3am, mind you…) and made a snow angel. I had to laugh. Grown women get a little crazy when you take them away from their homes, kids, husbands, lol.

I’m loving the fact that there is a Wireless Internet connection here… this way I won’t have to get the shakes due to lack of online time! It’s been fun to check in with everyone now and then (and was FABULOUS that I could post a birthday greeting for my Daddy this morning, since I’m a bad, bad daughter and didn’t get a real birthday card in the mail this week!)

It’s now 4:15am, and I suppose I should try to get SOME sleep!! Out of 210 scrappers, there are 4 of us left in the crop room at this insane hour… WE are the dedicated ones (or the insomniacs!).

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3 Responses to Greetings from The Poconos!!

  1. Tasra Dawson says:

    What a fabulous weekend! You’ll have to post pics of the snow. Sounds like so much croppin’ fun!

  2. Tasra Dawson says:

    What a fabulous weekend! You’ll have to post pics of the snow. Sounds like so much croppin’ fun!

  3. Diane says:

    Glad you’re having fun!
    Can’t wait to read all about it!

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