Merry Christmas!

Christmas morning was fun and exciting (to say the least) for our kids!

First, Avery woke up and came upstairs at the crack o’ dawn. I asked her if Santa had been here, and she said, “No, not yet.” Apparently she walked right past the gifts and never even noticed. So, I said, “Are you sure?? Let’s go check again…”

And down the stairs we came… THIS time, Avery noticed the gifts galore under the tree!! She took off running for Damon’s room and woke him up by shrieking: “Bubba! Bubba! Come look… Santa came!!!!!” It was seriously the cutest thing I’ve ever seen. Ever.

For the next half hour or so, we watched the kids rip open their gifts, barely pausing to LOOK at them before they moved on to the next package! They had a blast… and got lots of new goodies!

Damon’s “big” toy from Santa: the Gameboy

Avery and her Barbie suitcase. She was very distressed because apparently she expected the Barbies to be IN the case already… so when she first opened it, this is the look I got. It turned to smiles once she started ripping open other packages and found several Barbies for her new case!

SpongeBob Damon. Grandma bought Damon a SpongeBob television for his bedroom… and pajamas to match it. He sported these for us most of the day.

Grandma bought Avery the cutest ever little dress-up set. Here she is modeling the whole thing… the dress, tiara, gloves, wand, necklace, earrings, shoes, and purse. Isn’t she lovely?

(Look for more pics in the next post, because Blogger won’t let me post any more to this one!!)

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