Christmas Morning, Part 2

Damon playing his new Battleship game with Daddy:

Apparently the best gift Nick and I bought the kids were these camping sets. They are six-piece sets, including a tent, sleeping bag, suitcase, water bottle, compass, and binoculars… all for the bargain price of $19.99 each! We didn’t expect them to be anything fabulous, but they’re actually very nice tents! And the kids LOVED them. We had to set both of them up and they took up most of the “free space” in our house all day. Here is Damon’s tent:

And, Avery’s tent. Notice how she “moved into” it! She carried all of her prized possessions into that tent, including a CHAIR from her room, lol.

By far, my favorite picture this Christmas was this one, taken Christmas night. Avery asked me to put her tent IN her bedroom, and she fell asleep in it and slept there all night! If you look closely, you can see her in there, snoozing! Damon also slept in his tent… set up in the kitchen, of all places, lol. He had his “door” zipped up so I couldn’t get a picture of him sleeping.

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