Avery, Avery, Avery…

I realized tonight that Avery should have her very own blog. A whole place devoted to the insane things she does DAILY… the things that are rapidly turning all of my hairs gray, one by one.

The other day, I posted about the fuzzies up her nose.

Tonight, it was vaseline. Yes, vaseline.

I thought the child was tucked in her bed. I know I did in fact tuck her into bed and she promised me she’d stay there and go night night. Uh huh.

Well, about an hour later, I realize someone is in the bathroom. So, I walk back there and find Avery standing half naked on the toilet… with what looked like an entire jar of vaseline smeared an inch thick all over the bottom portion of her naked body.

What do you do?? What do you say??

I’m sooooooo at my wit’s end here lately with this demonic being (who just happens to be hiding under the most angelic-looking creature ever! Just to throw me off, I’m sure).

God only knows what tomorrow has in store… I just hope that He grants me the patience to deal with whatever it might be.

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2 Responses to Avery, Avery, Avery…

  1. Diane says:

    What in the world was her explanation for the Vaseline?
    Was she a little chapped down there?

  2. Ellen says:

    Too funny! But vaseline is fun, I myself had an incident back in the day. My mom still talks about how I tried her patience day after day, but she figures I turned out ok, so it was all worth it. Be patient and try to hide the goo.

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