My Little "Deer"

Tonight was Damon’s first “music program” at school. Although, I’m not quite sure WHY they dubbed it a music program because there was no singing or instrument-playing, but anyway…

Each of the four Kindergarten classes at his school took their turn on stage, acting out a “nursery rhyme.” We saw Goldilocks and the Three Bears, The Three Little Pigs, that Billy Goat’s Gruff thing, and Damon’s class performed Henny Penny.

Damon was a deer. I asked him a few weeks ago about his role as the deer and if he had any lines to deliver… his rather annoyed response: “No, Mom, I just have to sit there and pretend I’m eating the grass.”

Damon was the most miserable-looking deer (or child) I’ve ever seen for the entire 5 minutes that his class performed. He started out sitting cross-legged (or “criss-cross applesauce,” in Kindergarten-ese) with his hands folded in his lap… a couple of minutes into his theatrical debut, he was slumped over with his hand on his chin, looking 100% bored and irritated that he had to be there. (Oh, and I saw no attempt at pretend grass-eating, either.)

If you look closely (I was too far away and trying to aim in between other parents’ heads to get this shot!), you can see my miserable little deer.

Did you see him? He kind of blends in with the background, which I think was just fine with him, lol.

If tonight’s performance was any indication, I don’t think we should plan on seeing Damon’s name in lights someday.

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4 Responses to My Little "Deer"

  1. meliss says:

    oohhh… that is too cute! Did you get a close up of him dressed up as the deer?

    Yay Damon! 🙂

  2. ErinRagan says:

    No, I didn’t, Meliss. I had hoped to, but never had the chance.

    Apparently, they were outfitted in their masks “backstage.” So when I saw him before and after the performance, he was just Damon, not Damon the Miserable Deer. lol.

  3. Carrie says:

    That is hilarious….he really doesnt look to excited!

  4. Carrie says:

    “too” excited!! Sorry about that little typo!

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