Oh my, a blog-free WEEK!

I knew I was slacking on my posts, but didn’t realize it had been an entire week since my last one (so sorry Aunt Linda, lol)!!!

So what’s been going on here? Not a whole lot (shocking, I know).

Thanksgiving was nice. We had a small gathering here… just me, Nick, the kids, my mom, and my uncle. Mom was Cinderella and cooked and cleaned for us all day. Nick and I taught Uncle Al how to play Pinochle, an old family tradition of Nick’s. Uncle Al and I went out for a wine run, and bought all of the Cold Duck we could find (one of my family’s traditions!). And, Mom, Al, and I consumed 6 bottles by ourselves in the course of the day, which led to a massive headache and a nap on the couch for me! The turkey was yummy… the stuffing (my favorite) even yummier! We’re still eating leftovers.

We haven’t started the dreaded Christmas decorating yet… I keep thinking about it, but just haven’t had the time. Mom moved more of her stuff in this weekend, which included a gazillion Christmas decorations… now, we just need to find the room to display it in our little house, which is becoming “cozier” by the minute!

I’ll admit I’m not feeling very “festive” these days. In the back of my mind, I WANT to get in the Christmas Spirit, but it’s just not happening. For one thing, I’m super busy with work (this time of year is always nuts for freelance medical editors, go figure!) and just don’t have the TIME to be jolly.

And, every year, I say that I’d like to forget about the money aspect of Christmas… the crazy shopping, stressing over how to afford presents for umpteen million people… I’d really LIKE to just enjoy the Season and get back to the heart of it. But, it’s never very easy to do that. So, unless you’re independently wealthy, this time of year can be a little stressful… and depressing.

BUT, having just celebrated Thanksgiving with my loved ones, I know that I’ve been blessed in so many ways. I did take some time last Thursday to reflect on what I’m grateful for… and that’s always good for the soul!

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