Really… It’s Thursday, I Promise!!

I lost count of how many times I uttered those words to my husband this afternoon… I spent a good 15 minutes before he left for work trying to convince him that, without a doubt, Today IS Thursday! lol

See, Thursday is his Friday, so on Thursday evenings, he gets to “dress down,” and I know how much he loves that. So, when I saw him dressed “up” for work, I asked why he wasn’t wearing his ratty blue jeans, since it’s Thursday.

He looked at me with a completely blank look on his face and said, “It’s not Thursday… today is only Wednesday.” ummmm, no, dear… it’s Thursday… and this went on, back and forth, forever.

I finally convinced him when I fast forwarded through our digital cable Guide and showed him that Grey’s Anatomy is on tonight (he knows that my favorite tv night is Thursday because of this show). When he saw that, my dear husband immediately changed into his ratty blue jeans and headed to work, a little lighter, knowing that it was his last day of the work week.

So, once again… today IS Thursday, People.

(And, Grey’s Anatomy IS on… and even better, it’s a NEW show instead of that sucky re-run that they showed last week.)

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2 Responses to Really… It’s Thursday, I Promise!!

  1. Ellen says:

    Now everyone can see how severely I’m affected by committment issues. Day two and I failed already. Pathetic. I promise to do better.

  2. Trish says:

    Ask Nick what today is? ROFL!

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