And All Is Right With the World Again!

Nick is home, safe and sound!

I picked him up from the airport around 7pm last night. It was sooooo great to see his face coming toward me through the gate! Although, I was a little taken aback when I realized that there was another woman with her arm through his, walking toward me… then, I noticed that she was blind and he was helping her through the airport. Instantly, my heart melted, of course. Could the man BE any sweeter??

Anyway… our reunion was nice. We made it out of the airport in record time and headed home to the kids and the dog. All three of them were thrilled to see Daddy again!!

The kids were especially excited that he brought “souvenirs” for them from his trip to the Omaha Zoo. Damon got a DVD of the IMAX shark movie that they were playing at the zoo… he’s obsessed with sharks here lately! And Avery, fittingly enough, got a stuffed monkey (I’m so clever that I named him Omaha, even though Avery really wanted to call him Monkey… it’s so cute to hear her say his name!).

I got the Werner hoodie that I requested in size HUGE… and Nick even got one for my friend Trish (we match, lol!), because she was soooo sweet to watch the kids for us last night (not to mention the fact that she did all of my laundry for me, too… Trish is the best babysitter, and FRIEND, on the planet… just for the record!).

So, I’m not a morning person, in general, but I can’t even describe the elated feeling I had when the alarm went off this morning, and I looked over to see my hubby in the bed next to me again! It’s so great to have him back, where he belongs!!

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2 Responses to And All Is Right With the World Again!

  1. elise says:

    awwwww…how sweet!! im so glad you got your hubby back!!!

  2. Trish says:

    That was so sweet. I hear both you and Nick. You guys are the greatest. Thanks for my sweatshirt Nick!

    Erin I love your kids and helping you out at anytime. Just say the word…and so you know I love to do laundry 😉 Just call me anytime I will come over and do it!

    I am glad your happy, those were the longest 11 days ever!

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