And the Most Enthusiastic Player Award goes to…

my son… Damon.

He started T-ball today… his first time participating in an “organized sport.”

It was, hands down, one of the funniest things I’ve ever seen in my years as his mother. The child has always been pretty entertaining, but if you could’ve just seen him out on that field this morning!

First, they started out by pairing up the kids and letting them roll the ball to each other and catching it in their gloves. That was a piece of cake, even for the little guys, so then they moved to actually THROWING the balls to each other. Well, Damon was paired up with one of the dads because they had an odd number of kids. Let me tell ya, my boy has an arm on him! lol. He’s got that throwing thing figured out! 🙂

Next, they actually “played” a little… each kid took his turn in each position in the field and at bat. Damon was first up to bat… and he was actually pretty good!! After he practiced hitting several times, they told him to run all four bases… so, like the champ he is, he TOOK OFF…. for third base instead of first. It was so cute and funny and sad… all at the same time.

When he finally figured out he was running the wrong way, he turned himself around and headed for first, etc…. and the poor kid gave it his ALL. You would’ve thought he was in the World Series tagging all of those bases. He was huffin’ and puffin’ by the time he got to Home plate, lol.

One of the other mothers on the sidelines with me was laughing so hard at Damon. He was so “into it” the whole time. When they were practicing throwing, he had the whole “pitcher’s stance” thing going on, and was like peeking behind him like they do in a “real game,” you know? He also tried playing all over the field… no matter which position he was SUPPOSED to be in, he went after each and every ball that was hit. And decided to throw in some “sliding” for added effect, too. We decided he’s the Drama King of this team, for sure!

I’m kicking myself because I didn’t have my digital camera with me to take some photos. Next week, I’ll definitely have the camera and maybe even the video camera. Then I can share some of his T-ball funnies with his fans.

Daddy will be home next week, too… and he’s such a lucky dad and loves his wife so much… because I volunteered him, not only to coach Damon’s team, but to be the HEAD coach (I swear, I didn’t know that at the time, but it’s kinda funny, huh?). The Pirates have their first “game” next Saturday at 10am… so stay tuned!!

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One Response to And the Most Enthusiastic Player Award goes to…

  1. Trish says:

    WTG DAMON!!! I have to come see one of these games!!!

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