One More Week…

And at this point, I’m wondering how I’ll survive it… I know it sounds a wee bit dramatic, but honestly, the past week has been so stressful.

Not much has changed since I last posted… the kids and I are still coughing and sneezing and feeling rotten. I’m fairly certain that if I could get to a doctor, they’d diagnose me with bronchitis right now… but that’s not really an option.

Any OTC meds that I try to take just knock me out… and since I’m on my own with two kids, I can’t afford to be drowsy and in La La Land, even at night!

I have decided that Children’s Nyquil is the best invention EVER. Avery’s antibiotic was making her very restless earlier in the week, and we were going rounds each night at bedtime. So, I started giving her a small dose of Children’s Nyquil at bedtime, and it’s been a miracle! The past two nights, she’s hardly fussed at bedtime, and she’s slept straight through the night, for 12-13 hours! Gotta love that.

Damon starts T-ball tomorrow morning, at 9am (ugh!). He’s excited about playing his first organized sport, though, so we’ll be there… coughing and all. Nick found out today that, not only did I sign him up for coaching (against his will), he’s also the HEAD coach of the Pirates, lol. Sorry, hon, I really didn’t have a clue what I was getting you into!! But, I’m sure Damon will love it, so it’s all worth it, right??

Okay, I’m going to sign off for now and see if, by some miracle, I can convince my children to lie down and nap with me this afternoon (ha!). I’m really running on empty right now… sigh.

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