Work Widow: Day One

I really thought I’d enjoy Nick’s “business trip.” I loved it when he worked nights before and I could stay up all hours, guilt-free, doing what I like to do after the kids were in bed asleep.

But, my husband hasn’t been gone for 24 hours yet, and I’m ready for him to come home already!!

I think it’s just KNOWING that he’s sooooooooooo far away that breaks my heart. When we dropped him off at the airport yesterday, both kids got hysterical when Daddy said goodbye. I didn’t expect that… didn’t think they’d even understand that he’d be gone for 2 weeks. But, apparently they’re more intuitive than I give them credit for. It was a very sad scene and left me with a heavy heart on the 2-hour drive home… sans hubby/Daddy.

On a happier note, Nick did arrive safely… he survived two flights, although he didn’t “enjoy” them… at all, lol. I know he was relieved to be on the ground, driving a CAR again when he got there!

I think it’s going to be a LOOOOONG two weeks. And I’m really hoping that my friends will keep me busy (hint, hint, friends! lol) while he’s gone so that I don’t just sit around missing him the whole time. Eleven more days (ugh!) and counting… until we can retrieve him from the airport again. I’m already smiling just picturing our reunion!

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