Could they BE any cuter??

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4 Responses to Could they BE any cuter??

  1. Maria says:

    Does Damon often go to school with no shirt on?

  2. meliss says:

    No they couldn’t be any cuter!

  3. elise says:

    they are so adorable erin!!! are we still on for next week? you will have to let me know when and the specifics, etc 🙂

    thanks for my comment. i like to hang on to the thought that it will all work out, but he has been talking about how he wants me to have a boyfriend and a daddy all to himself at his house. poor guy, i just smile and say ok…lol

  4. ErinRagan says:

    Only on Fridays (casual day), Maria.

    Seriously though… I took this picture a day or two BEFORE school started… Damon was obsessed with his new redneck backpack and wore it around the house for a few days straight.

    And, all of his longtime, diehard fans know that Damon is very rarely photographed with clothes ON. I’ve been chastised as a mother for YEARS because of this, actually. 🙂

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