I have no excuse…

for being such a bad, bad blogger here lately!!
I think life has just gotten in the way, which happens sometimes, ya know?

But, I am alive… and did return from my trip… ages ago!

My kids, my dad, and I loaded up a rented minivan and headed south to Georgia, where my aunt and grandparents reside. The whole family (or most of us, anyway!) got together down there to celebrate my Papa’s upcoming 80th birthday. It was GREAT to see family members that we haven’t seen in years (in fact, this was the first time everyone MET Avery… sinful, isn’t it??). I also got to meet my cousin’s little boy, who is Avery’s age, and my aunt’s other grandchild, who is Damon’s age! The kids had a wonderful time together, and I loved catching up with everyone! However, it was a LONG trip… and quite hectic for me with two kids, without their dad around to help! I was sooooooo grateful to get HOME to my own bed (and my kids’ own beds) at the end of the weekend.

So, what’s been going on since then… hmmmm… I’m JOB-HUNTING. I’ve been saying off and on for years that I want to go back to work outside of my house, but I always wimp out and decide to stay here with the kids, editing away. Well, Damon will be in school all day starting Tuesday, and I’ll only need childcare for Avery… and, I really can’t handle Nick’s crazy jobs anymore. So we decided that we’d both start hunting for more “regular” jobs. I promised him that I’d follow through with it this time… so, I’ve been sending out resumes like mad, and had my first interview yesterday. Keep your fingers crossed for both of us! We could use a little good fortune over here! 🙂

Today was Damon’s Kindergarten orientation. We went in and met his teacher, Mrs. Davis, and made a collage of some pictures that Damon picked out of my stash to decorate his new cubby. He was excited to be back in his school, and a little nervous to be going to a “new” classroom… he really wanted to drift over to the pre-K wing of the school, I could tell! But, I think he’ll do great this year. I got a little teary-eyed walking down the hall with him, because I just can’t believe he’s my baby Damon… He’ll be six years old soon, and it just blows my mind!

Oh, more excitement (of the not-so-good variety)… Yesterday, Damon decided to play “barber” with his poor little sister. He really did a number on her hair. Remember how cute Avery used to be??? Well, now she looks like someone put her head in a blender. I’m not exaggerating. We even took her to a professional to have it “fixed,” but there was only so much she could do. I want to cry every time I look at my baby girl. She looks downright pathetic, not to mention neglected by her mother! Oh well… I keep telling myself that ALL kids have an experience like this, and that it’s “just hair” and will grow back beautifully. But, still, I’m crying…. she was so adorable, just yesterday!

I think that’s all of my “big” news from here.

I apologize to all of my fans who kept reading about the darn jet plane every time you clicked on my blog link (ELLEN! lol). I’ll try to update more regularly… and I’ll try to share some new pics soon. Although, I’m not sure I can subject Avery and her blender haircut to the camera right now. The scrapbooker in me tells me to DO IT, because i just HAVE to document every little detail of her life. But the Mommy in me says, NO NO NO… she just looks pitiful.

So, say a couple little prayers for us… for Nick and me finding fabulous new jobs, and for Avery’s poor hair!!!!

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5 Responses to I have no excuse…

  1. Preemie Mom says:

    Ohhhh I hate to hear about her hair:( Glad to see ya bloggin again!

  2. Trish says:

    Cheer up Momma you will get a great job and avery’s hair will come back longer and more beautiful than ever!


  3. Linda says:

    And glad to see you updating the blogging world!!! All this crap will pass, and life will move on from here!!!

  4. Ellen says:

    It’s about time we got an update! lol

  5. Jessica B. says:

    Keeping my fingers crossed for you, Erin! Hope you find a fun job where you can surf the net all day long 😉

    Poor Avery. Take the pictures, and document them when you’re ready. LOL..there are so many moments that months later…I wished I’d just taken the picture. 😉

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