Sick kids?? And lots of "UGH"s!

I think my kids might be getting sick now. UGH.

Earlier this evening, Damon was very “whiny.” Which I didn’t think TOO much about… I figured he was just tired because we’ve had two uncharacteristically BUSY days the past two days. But, then, at one point in the evening, he actually told me that his throat was hurting. And for him to make such a specific complaint makes me wonder.

Well, we all went to bed at a halfway decent hour tonight. The kids were in bed by 9:30 and Nick and I followed around 10. I was really looking forward to getting a decent night’s sleep because I’ve only been averaging about 3 hours of it per night, all week… and by today, I felt downright MISERABLE as a result.

Well, Avery woke up around 11 or 11:30, came and got in our bed (which is nothing unusual), and WHINED and CRIED forever (which IS unusual). Nick and I just could not do anything to console her… She wasn’t making any specific complaints, but all I can surmise is that she just feels downright “icky.”

I just got her back to sleep in her own bed… and I’m kinda waiting around to make sure she stays asleep for a while before I head back to bed myself.

I’m afraid the signs aren’t looking “good” here. UGH UGH UGH.

We’re supposed to be heading South early tomorrow morning, to visit Nick’s mom for the day… Hopefully we won’t have to cancel due to two whiny, under-the-weather children!

[ETA: We did in fact cancel our plans on Saturday… we ended up with two very sick kids, who lazed around and felt downright miserable all day!! By evening they were both running fevers, too. BLECH! The good news is that now, 24 hours later, they seem to be on the mend. We have lots of runny noses and coughs, but life has returned to their little bodies for the most part… and we even got a LITTLE sleep last night!]

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One Response to Sick kids?? And lots of "UGH"s!

  1. Trish says:

    Heres to a good night sleep tonight Momma!

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