Family Photo

Our goal for the week was to get a “group shot” of all of us… well, it almost happened.

Here’s a pic of our whole group, minus Nick’s mom, who was taking the picture.

From left to right: AJ and Amber (Nick’s brother and his fiancee), Avery, Nick, Me, and Damon.

And where are we standing, you ask?? One day we drove to Corolla, NC… a little town on the WAY North end of the Barrier Islands, where you can drive out on the beach. It was a rainy, cold day, but we had a good time nonetheless. As soon as we got there, Nick and AJ started digging in the sand. I asked Nick, “What exactly are you doing??” His response: “Digging a big *bleep*ing hole!” And dig they did. Here are some photos of the fools digging:

Right before the tide came in and soaked us, we all managed to climb in the hole and get a group shot.

Next year, we’ll have a camera with a timer OR a third person available to take a REAL group shot, Grandma included.

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