I think I passed the initiation…

I have joined my husband in the “redneck” classification, I fear.

Yesterday, we attended our very first NASCAR event together in Dover.

ummmm, WOW. That’s really the only way to describe the whole experience!

We started the day tired and grumpy, and I was really doubting that even going was a good idea. But, Grandma showed up to watch our offspring for the day, and we had free tickets for the day’s events at the racetrack, so off we went!

As we got closer to Dover, we both got really excited… and the sour moods disappeared!

Getting there and finding parking was a piece of cake (whew!), and we soon found ourselves surrounded by tractor trailers FULL of driver/NASCAR/Dover memoribilia. Redneck heaven, to put it lightly. We made several purchases (Dale Jr. hats and shirts galore; some of which are pictured below), and headed into the grandstands. We had general admission tickets for the whole day, which turned out to be really super cool.

We were able to watch Nextel Cup Practice and Qualifying… the highlight of the day, for sure. I almost peed my pants when Dale Jr. came out onto the racetrack the first time. And snapped this pic of him heading for pit road:

We also saw some Busch Series practice, and of course, the main event of the day: the Craftsman Truck Series Race. Okay, it was SUPPOSEDLY the main event… it was a huge snore. Two hundred laps of pure torture. There weren’t even any good wrecks to save it! (and yes, I’ve learned that IS what those sick race fans are there to see!)

We did see two “nice” wrecks during Nextel Cup Qualifying, though. Who knew that a car driving around in circles BY ITSELF would be prone to an accident?? I had no clue, and almost had a heart attack with Jimmie Johnson started spinning as he got loose coming out of Turn 4, where we were seated. (Notice the NASCAR lingo?? I’m telling you, I’m really getting the hang of this whole redneck thing!)

The weather forecasts were threatening thunderstorms all day, but we got lucky in that department… there was one downpour in the middle of Qualifying, and we all had to run down under the stands for cover. But, it only lasted a few minutes, and they got busy drying the track, and the fun started up again. Here’s a pic of Nick hunkering down under the stairway, trying to stay dry:
A couple more pics… of Nick and I donning our new Dale Jr. gear and getting sunburned in the stands (yes, today I’m a nice lobster-ish color!):

Fun was had by all, and I can’t wait to go back… hopefully for a Nextel Cup race the next time! Go #8!!! We’ll be there in spirit Sunday afternoon!

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2 Responses to I think I passed the initiation…

  1. Trish says:


    So jealous! I am so glad you had a great time!!!

  2. Emily aka SheScraps says:

    Wow…lucky you! I’m not so much into Nascar but my hubby is OBSESSED! LMAO Maybe going to a race would bring me over to the other side of it so I could join the hubby in the obsession. LOL Love your pink hat…I need one of those! Would make the dh proud! LOL

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