Another tag! The "I" Meme.

Thanks to Trish, I haven’t had to come up with a “real” blog entry in days! Here is yet another meme that she and I both saw on another blog this week. We both loved it… and vowed to answer it on our blogs… so here goes…

I AM: A 30-year-old WAHM… yee haw. (yes, it was sarcasm)
I WANT: To win the lottery (too bad I don’t play the lottery)
I WISH: Nick had a “normal” job and could spend more time at home with us
I HATE: People who are so quick to judge everyone and everything… especially when they’re ultra-hypocritical while doing so (which is often the case)
I MISS: The freedom of my pre-Mommy days
I FEAR: Car accidents and terrorism
I HEAR: My children screaming “amarillo” and “agua” along with Dora. (we love Dora… she’s the best babysitter ever!)
I WONDER: When I’ll feel like a “grown up.”
I REGRET: getting my degree in a useless thing like English (what was i thinking??)
I AM NOT: Housekeeper of the Year (wahhhh!)
I DANCE: Like a white girl. It’s not pretty.
I SING: Anything and everything.
I CRY: at sappy, country songs (like Tim McGraw’s Don’t Take the Girl… every time!)
I AM NOT ALWAYS: happy go-lucky. People think I am b/c I usually seem that way in person… it’s usually an act! LOL
I MAKE WITH MY HANDS: scrapbook pages… duh.
I WRITE: very lengthy emails, or “emotive missives” as my Dad likes to call them!
I CONFUSE: my children with two wild animals, often
I NEED: to manage my time better
I SHOULD: be working right now
I START: every day feeling sluggish and unmotivated
I FINISH: almost every line of an email/bb post with LOL, ROFL, or 🙂

Who I’m tagging: Denise, Jessica, Ellen

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2 Responses to Another tag! The "I" Meme.

  1. Trish says:

    YAY Erin! I love your Meme!!!

    Blog wandering is the best!!!

  2. Ellen says:

    You know how dumb I am when it comes to all this computer stuff, so what does it mean to be tagged?

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