SAW it… and wanted to vomit!

I borrowed a few DVDs from a friend of mine months ago… and they’ve been sitting on top of my microwave, unwatched since the day I brought them home. One is a cutesy little romantic comedy (totally my thing), Monster In Law. One is an Academy Award Winner (maybe not my thing, but I’ve GOT to see it, right??), Million Dollar Baby. The OTHER is a freaky, horror-type flick (totally NOT my thing, and I know this, but said friend and countless others recommended it, so okay), SAW.

WELL… last night, after the kids were in bed, I put SAW in the DVD player. Poor Nick happened to be in the same room, so naturally, he was subjected to watching it, too.

After two hours of “just yuck” and after the really freaky, yucky, ewwwww “twist” at the end, I seriously just wanted to vomit… then cry… then vomit again… then go run to my Mommy!!!

Nick’s comment when it was over (censored a little for crude language, indicated with italics): “What kind of sick freakin’ mind thinks up something like that?? UGH. That’s just not even right.”

To put it lightly, that’s not even right.

Now, almost 24 hours after viewing this movie that so many of my sweet, SAHM friends recommended, I’m still disturbed. I mean really DISTURBED.

The best part… these sweet Mom friends tell me that SAW II is even better than the first one, and I just HAVE to see it. BETTER??? Sure. Well, I’ll leave that judgment to someone else, anyone else. I’m not biting this time. One movie that makes-me-wanna-vomit-when-it’s-over is enough for me per year. I’m still not “over it.”

I KNEW I should have opted for Monster In Law, instead.

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5 Responses to SAW it… and wanted to vomit!

  1. Linda says:

    I’ve not seen it, and thanks to your commentary, I will NOT! Yes, you should have chosen Monster in Law. I wanna see that one too!

  2. Trish says:

    AWWW you big wuss! LMAO!! It was a very interesting film….I think I take back my suggestion to see the SAWII because I dont want your mom calling me because you are sleeping with her…ROFL!!! I do have to say Monser In Law was good! You should watch that…..or maybe you can try to watch another “monster”movie…bwauhahahaha!!!

  3. Erin says:

    Saw II is better. LOL. Sorry that you wanted to puke!!

  4. Emily aka SheScraps says:

    Ya know, one of my closest friends told me what a great movie Saw is and I told her that she was mental and needed help! LMAO Just the story behind the movie screams to me “MAJOR GRAPHIC VIOLENCE” and that’s all I need to know when trying to decide if I should see a movie or not. I’m a big weenie who gets nightmares very easily. LOL

  5. Momma says:

    If you haven’t seen it, rent Sahara. It’s entertaining and funny. Then, I’d really recommend sticking with that genre. Actually, when I rented SAW, I fell asleep. *LOL* Never did see the end….

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