A "Quality" Visit

Yesterday, my dad and his girlfriend, Lynn, came to visit us. They wanted to “celebrate” with Damon, since his big 5th birthday was this past Tuesday (note to self: must go back in time and blog about that one! lol).

We had such a pleasant day! Damon did the grand gift-opening, and then we all went out to lunch at Outback. Nick was even OFF work on a Saturday (a small miracle in itself!), so he was able to join us, too, which was awesome. AND, we did the whole embarrassing cake thing in the middle of the restaurant (and chowed down on some really yummy chocolate cake!). After the big outing, we all came back to the house and spent some “quality” family time together. I even got to snuggle on the couch with my Dad, like I haven’t done in years… it was a much-needed, even more appreciated comfort for me (just b/c I’m almost 30 years old *gasp!* doesn’t mean I don’t crave comforting “snuggles” with my one and only “daddy!”).

And, when Dad and Lynn made it home later that night, I received a surprise phone call from Lynn. She called to tell me what a great time they had and that she felt “so comfortable” in my home, with my family.

I think that’s the best compliment I’ve ever received! I always stress about what a mess my house is and what visitors will think of it, blah blah blah. Lynn’s phone call made me realize that it doesn’t matter if my laundry’s piled up to the ceiling or if the floors are unmopped or if Damon’s PS2 games are strewn all over! Just having a place where families can meet and spend a day together is the important thing.

So, thanks Dad and Lynn for sharing the day with all of us. We can’t wait for the next “gathering!”

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1 Response to A "Quality" Visit

  1. Erin says:

    It sounds like you had a really great time!! I know that feeling of wondering what everyone’s going to think of the mess of a house I have. Sounds like you have a perfect place for people to come together and get cozy!!

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