My Goal for February

This month, my one and only “goal” (okay, that’s a lie… I have lots of goals every month, I just don’t usually meet most of them!) is to complete AngieW’s TBR challenge.

I signed up last month, hoping it would inspire me to read again… since reading is one of those things I used to enjoy immensely but I never seem to find the time to do much of it in my present chaotic state of living.

However, January’s challenge was to read a “Contemporary Romance,” and I just didn’t happen to have any of that genre sitting on my bookshelf. I did glance at some at the bookstore a couple of weeks ago, and really contemplated buying one just so I could participate in the challenge… but, ummm, wouldn’t that defeat the purpose of the “to be read” (hence TBR) thing?!?! [Not to mention the fact that I’m still not sure what “qualifies” as contemp. romance… lol]

This month, the challenge is to read a “new to you” author. Surely I can manage this one!!!

Every day, when I’m rooting around this mess of a house, I find yet another pile of books that I forgot I even had. So, I’m excited about the challenge. Even more excited to have an excuse to “indulge” in a favorite pasttime that I’ve neglected for far too long.

Thanks, Angie, for the “challenge!” I’m on it! 🙂

[If anyone else wants to play along, visit Angie’s blog (linked above) and sign up! Come on, it’ll be fun!]

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1 Response to My Goal for February

  1. Angela James says:

    Did you change the title of your blog?

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