Today’s "High" (it doesn’t take much!)

Nick had a “long haul” this evening… a 3-hour tow each way. The customers were riding along with him and their Cadillac.

About 35 minutes into the tow, Nick stopped at a gas station to fill up and realized he didn’t have his wallet with him. uh…. DUH.

So, he called me and asked me to check yesterday’s jeans pocket for his wallet… Yep, there it was, right where he left it.

I loaded up two kids in their jammies and took off to meet him at this gas station and “save the day” by delivering his wallet (with the company credit card that he needed to get gas).

When I arrived, the gentleman who was riding along with his Cadillac came up to my car window and said (pointing at my dear husband): “He is sooooooo lucky to have you!”

I said, “Yes, he is. And, I already know that, but could you keep telling him that all the way to your destination tonight, please!”

You know, just so he doesn’t forget! 🙂

(pssst! by the way, I think Nick knows it, too, even if he doesn’t always admit it…. he’s not just lucky… he’s DAMN lucky! LOL)

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