Look Out World!

Nick’s family is obsessed with the card game Pinochle.

Every holiday that they spend together, 3 members of the family end up sitting around the kitchen table, playing this confounded game for hours upon hours (usually into the wee hours of the next morning!).

Nick and his dad attempted to teach me how to play Pinochle a few years ago. I “got” parts of it, but other parts (especially the whole strategy thing, which I stink at!) escaped me.

This Christmas, Nick’s dad, brother, and sister visited us for the holiday weekend… and of course they brought along a Pinochle deck. Dad and Brother went home yesterday, leaving Nick and his sister without a third player… So, guess what?? I got roped in again.

Last night, we stayed up until 1am playing this darn game! And this time, I think I may have finally “gotten” the concept… I even surprised them both by pulling some strategy out of my behind! πŸ™‚ AND, I won a game with an impressive score of 122! YAY ME!

Mostly, though, I just bring “comic relief” to the game that I’ve discovered they take extremely seriously! They are cut-throat, I’m tellin’ ya…. it’s ALL about winning. So, I told Nick last night that when we were finished playing, we were going to find the definition of the word “game” in the dictionary… I think his family missed that part of it! (I even heard a rumor that a member of their family once SHOT someone over a Pinochle game— Should I be scared, do you think?)

Anyway, it was fun joining in on one of their family “traditions” (and even more fun to kick their butts once! LOL).

Now, Nick and I are in panic mode, wondering whatever will we do when his sister leaves town later this week! So, fair warning to any local friends and relatives— LOOK OUT, we’re compiling a list of people we might be able to recruit to play with us! πŸ™‚ Be afraid, be very afraid. There might even be a gun around here somewhere….

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2 Responses to Look Out World!

  1. Julie says:

    c’mon over here… Dan will play with you guys. LOL

  2. Momma says:


    That rumor had to come from his Dad’s side. So far as I know, Nick and his sister are only third-generation Pinochle fiends.

    MOM, Second-generation Pinochle Fiend Queen

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