The Reason I’m Doing Cartwheels Today!

Below is an e-mail message that my pal Angie posted to our Mom’s Group e-mail list this afternoon… It tickled me beyond pink (even though she feigns displeasure with me! LOL).

I went to Julie’s on Sunday for scrapbooking. Actually, I didn’t scrapbook. I drank wine and spectated. Bet you didn’t know scrapbooking is a spectator sport, but Lynn and I both made it one. Erin gave me a 6×6 scrapbook, and made me one page for the scrapbook and tried to convince me that I need to do an ABC scrapbook for Brianna. I resisted mightily. Mostly because my creative juices were very burnt from all of the editing I’ve been doing. But then Lisa’s neighbor (also Lisa) made an off-hand remark about how much kids love looking through them. And I started thinking how true that was and how maybe a 6×6 scrapbook wouldn’t be too bad and it would give Brianna a book of her first year.

So Sunday night, I dreamt about ABC pages all night. What words the letters could stand for and what pictures I could use. All night. I woke up in the morning thinking “what was the letter E again? Oh…Easter bunny…” I blame Erin, I do believe it’s all her fault. So, I’m going to gather the pictures and commit to doing an ABC book for Brianna for her first year, because if I don’t, I know I’ll feel guilty. Of course, I don’t have any scrapbooking supplies. Not one blessed thing, but I’ll cross that hurdle once I get the pictures together 😉

Thanks alot, Erin. Darn you.

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