Calgon! Take me away…

Or someone could just shoot me and put me out of my misery!

So, here it is a lovely Saturday morning… I’m in my jammies, sitting at the computer (of course), catching up on emails and having a lovely chat on IM with a friend. Damon and Avery are roaming around, doing what they do—mostly dragging every single toy they can find OUT and making a mess; also, eating shredded cheese (their favorite snack) and spilling 80% of it on the floor. I knew I’d have a mess to clean when I finally pulled myself away from the computer screen.

Suddenly, I realize that I haven’t “heard from” Avery in a few minutes. So, I ask Damon what she’s into. He replies, “Nothing!” (I should’ve known when I heard that magic word, right??) A few more minutes pass and my senses are overwhelmed with the strong scent of maple. My brain clicks into gear and I scream, “Syrup!” Oh yes, syrup.

Avery had discovered an almost full bottle of syrup in the Lazy Susan in our kitchen, and proceeded to sneak it past me into the living room… and furthermore, proceeded to pour most of the contents of the bottle all over the sofa and the carpet. We’re talking PUDDLES of syrup.

“Help, Martha!” is the first thing going through my head.

And, it’s only 1pm. It’s going to be such a fun day… YIPPEE!

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